Everything is Energy

by elementhealing

It is important to know that everything is connected. Everything that is, was, or will be is the same. Everything is energy. Everything our senses experience is energy vibrating at different frequencies. This energy comes from the source. It does not matter what you call this source. The Godhead is called by many different names, but it remains the same creator. It is sad and ridiculous that the very thing that ties everything together is also the thing that tears us apart.

Everything that exists across space and time has the same beginning. Since this energy comes from the source it is loving and healing. I believe that there is no illness or disease that is not totally curable. The key is to tune into the energy. The Godhead would not have put us here without providing everything we need to maintain perfect health. We let science and reason get between us and the source, when that connection is broken, we break down. We need that connection to thrive.

Our connection to the Godhead can be reached many ways. If conventional religion speaks to your heart then follow your heart. I grew up Catholic but as I grew I found that “Religion” leaves so much unanswered. I found that for me when I asked questions they were never answered. I tried many different conventional religions, but never found one that fit. The Godhead I believe in is so much bigger, more personal and active than conventional religion allows. Religion is about control and money. As far as I see it has never been about the Godhead at all. But if it resonates with you then go for it. I believe in the creator, that Jesus was a real man, that he was both the message and the messenger. I believe all life, all things are precious and should be honored.

See you next week.