Full Moon

by elementhealing



Full Moon – Celebrate and Wait

Welcome everyone. I am so happy you are here!!

With the full moon tomorrow I thought I would take the opportunity to talk about our beautiful Moon.

I absolutely love the Moon. She is both strong and subtle, and wise. She is patient, active, loving and healing. When I was a child I was terrified of the night. Thankfully I got over that and now prefer it. All my best most creative work is done at night.

The Full Moon is midway through the lunar cycle, which begins and ends with the “Resting Moon” Every day after the New Moon she gains a little more energy that impacts the earth, intensifying emotions until it peaks with the Full Moon.

Moon energy is different from the sun. The sun gives us light, heat and encourages growth. The Moons energy is subtle and nurturing. She also gives us light but her light will not burn as she supports life. Her greatest effect is on water which is this planets greatest resource. The animals, plants and us as well are also mostly water! On a nightly basis our beautiful Moon sends down energy to the earth recharging all the planet’s life. Then in the morning the sun takes over and uses his energy to grow and warm us. Together they give us life.

Once a month, on the Full Moon and a day or two leading up to and after, our glorious Moon supercharges us on a molecular level, our Mother Earth and all the life on/in it. You can feel the energy building, intensifying your emotions, drive, and creativity. You might find that during the Full Moon you get more accomplished than other times during the month.

For some the Full Moon interrupts thought patters causing them to do and say things they ordinarily wouldn’t. It is a good idea to hold off on important decisions during the Full Moon and if you are upset with someone don’t talk about it during the Full Moon because chances are what might have been a small thing, taken care of with a good heart to heart, may turn into a relationship ending scream-fest. Remember the love you share and wait.

For others the Full Moon is a time of celebration. Many cultures and religions honor and celebrate the Moon. It is a time to recharge our focus and drive. It is a time to take thoughtful action toward your life goals. During the time of the Full Moon I love to keep my drapes open all night so that the Moons energy can wash through my home. I love sleeping in the moonlight! I also place my crystals where I know they will be in the moonlight for the greatest portion the night taking in the Moons gift of energy. Don’t worry if it is cloudy. The energy is still there coming to us from our beautiful Moon!

Have a great day, see you next week!! 🙂