Chaos; What Exactly Is It?

by elementhealing

Chaos, what exactly is it?

Chaos, what exactly is it?

 Hello 🙂 I am glad you came back!!

I have been thinking about Chaos lately. It surrounds us everyday in our personal lives and in the world. People seem to fear Chaos. They fight it to keep the status quo, to keep everything normal. But, what is Chaos really? I can see my Mother right now rolling her eyes and hear her saying “Sharon only you would think about something like that”.  Bear with me, I think I figured this thing out and it is one of those “so obvious why didn’t we see it” things.

The dictionary defines Chaos in three ways:

  1. Complete disorder and confusion
  2. Behavior so unpredictable as to appear random
  3. The formless matter that existed before creation

I can’t speak to the “formless matter” thing. I may be old, but – not THAT old!!

OK, you ready for this? Chaos is Growing Pains, but on a Spiritual – Universal level!!! So obvious right? What we see as Chaos is nothing more than the Universe trying to get our attention, shake us up, get us out of our comfort zone, teach us what we need to know and get us heading toward the life we are meant for. What a light bulb moment it was for me when I realized this!!

So you are thinking “Whaaaat??” Well let me explain by telling a story. When my son was eight I moved the two of us to another state because I thought it would be a good thing for my son to know his father. It didn’t take long to see the folly of that plan! I knew I had to get my son and I out of that place. I had a job and would hide money away so we could leave but my sons father would always find it no matter where I hid it. We weren’t allowed privacy :/

I thought I had to have it all figured out in advance. I had to have money saved so we could get away, we would have money to live. I wasn’t listening to the universe. It was telling me to “Just Go, Trust That Everything Will be OK!!”  The leap of faith thing. Trust is big issue for me, it’s not something I do easily.

Clearly I was not paying attention so the universe had to do something big. In February of 2007 the company I worked for was bought out. One week after the “Welcome to the family, don’t worry we are not closing you down” speech; they did just that!! The doors closed for good in December. So now I didn’t even have a job keeping me there but I was still not paying attention.

It took a dream to get me to sit up and take action. I had a dream in which I saw my sons father shooting me. He was standing in the yard and shot me through the living room window. Then just walked away. My dreams have a tendency to come true, so in July of 2008 after looking for a job and not being successful;  I put some clothes in a bag and left. I found a job, a place to live and went back and got my son.

It was rough for a while. We left everything we owned behind, but it is just material stuff. What we gained is so much more valuable. We are safe, happy and moving forward.

What did the Chaos of those years teach me? Self reliance and strength. I have learned that on the other side of Chaos there is something better. So why fear it, why fight it? When things start getting crazy in your life, that is the time to look around and ask yourself what is it that you are not seeing, what do you need to learn? Trust, well I am still working on that. 🙂


Have a great day.