Forgotten Memories

by elementhealing



Hello again! 🙂  Welcome back!

I had a bit of a light bulb moment going to work the other day. It occurred to me that the universe, the earth, this physical plane we exist in is nothing more than a boarding school and we are all underclassmen that have forgotten this isn’t home. When we come here we forget everything about home and spend our lives searching for a connection back to a Forgotten Memory!

There are several things that we forget when we transfer in. Like what does Home look like? Well who knows, that is one of the things we forget. We also forget the people in our soul group. Some come along to help us learn the things we need to learn and we help them learn. Like a study group. But the longing remains to find our family. When we meet them our soul feels that connection and lets us know. Have you ever met someone and felt a pull in the pit of your stomach? That is your Soul recognizing someone from home!

The biggest thing is that when we come to this plane we forget we are a part of the Godhead. Divinely created and absolutely loved! Being separated from the Godhead leaves us feeling empty. It’s like lost and stumbling through life looking for anything that will fill the emptiness in our soul. It is only by reconnecting that we find peace and wholeness again.

The Godhead has many names that stem from many religions. Whatever one chooses to call the Godhead, however one chooses to worship in order to make their connection back is a very personal decision. Ultimately what matters is that the connection is found and we are back in the shelter of perfect, unconditional love.

Another thing we forget is that we are not these physical bodies. We are Energy Beings, a soul housed in a physical form because the Godhead created a physical three dimensional boarding school! Being in a human body limits our comprehension of just how much ability we actually have. But, if we work at it the barriers in our memory can be broken down and our abilities re-awakened. All those things that seem crazy, like walking on water, are possible! We are energy, we have no real physical limitations! Any limits that exist are false and there only because of human thought processes and beliefs. We just have to remember and relearn. But, we are at school so this is the perfect place to do it.

One of the biggest things we forget is “We chose this!” Some days we roll our eyes and say to ourselves “REALLY!!!” Yes, we did. We each freely make the decision to come back. There are things that can only be learned from a physical point of view. As each of us learns our lessons we move from underclassmen to upperclassmen. The goal is that when the lessons are done we have grown closer to the Godhead.

When looking at lessons to be learned. We have all asked the question “Why do bad things happen?” Well, because we need bad. Without bad how could we understand good? There would be no balance. How would we know Love, Goodness and Happiness if we didn’t have their opposites to compare them to? The bad things are very hard lessons, absolutely, but they are lessons that must be learned. We must all experience the good, bad, and indifferent.

The final big thing we forget is that Death Doesn’t Exist. In the physical form death is a heart wrenching separation from those that we love. In reality this is not the case. As energy beings we will never die. We can’t! We are made in the image of our Creator, The Godhead, and The Godhead is Eternal! Energy does not die, it simply can’t. So when our time here is done we will graduate, return to our natural form and…

Go Home!

How cool is that? Summer Vacation!!!

See you next week. Blessed Be.