What Can You Learn From A Tree?

by elementhealing

What Can You Learn From A Tree

Hello Everyone, Welcome Back! šŸ™‚

I have a thing about trees. I absolutely love them!! I think one of my previous lives was as a Celt. Trees were sacred to them, I feel the same. I have dozens of pictures of trees around my house. There was this ancient Oak north of town that was absolutely gorgeous. I would make special trips up to sit with her. Her canopy was 150ft across and she was so wonderful. As I was taking pictures of her one day (I took a lot of pictures of her) The Deva of the tree let me take her picture! I felt so honored. She was cut down to make room for a new road, that was a very sad time.

Trees are beautiful, They are strong. They are wise. They are eternal, and they provide us the air we breathe.

I love how if you leave them alone they take the shape of the leaf they produce. Did you know that conifers do not start to produce cones until the tree is 50 years old? That gives hope to all late bloomers!

I love that trees, like other plants, have spiritual and medicinal purposes. For example, everyone knows that Willow is a pain killer, but they also aide one in learning from the past and boosting psychic abilities.

Trees teach us threeĀ important lessons. They teach us to Ground Ourselves Well, to Stand Tall and to Reach for the sky.

Ground Yourself Well

TreesĀ teach us toĀ send your roots deep to keepĀ ourselvesĀ balanced and secure. They tell us to never forget where we came from or the people who Love and Believe in us.Ā Trees are the keepers of knowledge and show us that we must “ground” ourselves in the knowledge we need to grow strong and move forward on our path.

Stand Tall

Trees teach us to Be Proud and to Stand Tall for what we believe even if we are Standing Alone.Ā They show us that we should not be afraid of what others think. Just Stand because we are valuable and worthy of all good things. No matter what the storm is; StandĀ because you will make it through and be stronger for it. Never give up. Never give in; Stand because you Are Greatly Loved!

Ā Ā Reach for the sky

Trees teach us to reach beyond our immediate space. Go ahead and dream but also do. Reach outside your comfort zone. Yes it is scary and yes it might be a struggle but take theĀ risk. It is worth it, you are worth it and you have nothing to lose. So reach for the sky!

Have a wonderful week!

Blessed Be