Fear… Less

by elementhealing

Fear Less


Hello again everyone, I am glad you are here! 🙂

The concept of fear has been coming up around me a lot lately. I have been hearing the word in conversation and seeing articles about it in news feeds on social media. I found this very interesting and since nothing is accidental in the universe I got the hint and have been giving it some thought. It seems to me that fear has two points of origin. One good and one not so much. The first begins in instinct, the second in the emotions.

Instinct has no emotion, it’s all reaction, fight or flight, self preservation. It’s black and white, no grey and no color. From the standpoint of instinct fear is a very good thing because it makes you think twice before doing something risky. Those few moments can mean the difference between serious injury and death. 

Instinct can also tell you whether or not someone is trustworthy. To go left rather than right if your lost, to take your umbrella even though it’s doesn’t look like rain, then it does. When you stop to think about it instinct is very much like intuition. The more you “Listen” to your instinct, the more acute it becomes.

When fear becomes emotion, that’s when things get ugly. Fear has a very low vibrational energy that traps you in that low energy and sadly that is where many people unpack their bags and stay rather than fight their way out. Fear stops people from trusting themselves and others, it stops action, it turns hate on and road blocks pop up seemingly out of nowhere. It makes people dreamers instead of doers.

Everything is energy that vibrates at and reproduces it’s own frequency. Joy produces more joy, Love produces more love and fear will produce more fear! It’s not possible for one to produce another. The only possible move is to go beyond one vibration into another by overcoming the block that kept you trapped.

I understand fear. It was my friend, I spent many years living deep under it’s comfortable blanket. That’s what it is, fear becomes a comfort zone. From that comfort zone you look out at life and think to yourself “When this happens” or “If only”. But I have learned that you can’t live in the land of “When or If”. I don’t want to live this lifetime there. The view is not as beautiful as being up close.

The synchronicity of this life lesson is quite interesting for me because I have been dreaming of starting a business for many years but fear has kept me from going all in. Not the fear of failure. Failure is simply a lesson, you learn, then keep trying until you get it right. For me the fear is that I wouldn’t have anything to offer, that I am not good enough. Logically I know that I am “Enough” I have the business knowledge required and I know I have the skill to do the things I want to do. But, logic has no emotion, fear does and that is what has been holding me back.

I have taken a couple baby steps. I made a Facebook page and started this blog. That for me was scary! I wasn’t sure I had anything to say that anyone would want to read but baby steps are still forward movement. I have learned a lot over the last couple weeks and I am stronger for it. I have transformed my fear into strength. That is the key lesson I learned. You have to be willing to step outside your fear and become stronger than it is. You have to take the risk. Nobody reaches their goal by playing it safe.

The reality is that Fear is universal but it is only a roadblock so long as we allow it to be. The moment we say “I am done living here” we win!

I have started my business plan!!!