Bandage of Lies

by elementhealing


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Welcome back my friends, I’m glad you came for a visit! 🙂

OM from Harsh Reality posted a question on his site the other day asking if anyone had ever lied on their blog, you will find that post here. If you have never been to his sight you should check it out. He is a marvelous writer.

We commented back and forth a little and it hit me that this was a very interesting question and would be a good blog post. In the context of a blog we are fairly anonymous. Even though every week we post tiny bits of our lives and souls for all the world to see, we remain quite private. We get to know so many wonderful people and enjoy their blogs, but most of us don’t reveal who we really are. Most of us don’t even know the real life names of the loggers that we have become so fond of.  The blog is like a mask that protects us so we have no need to lie.

I am not suggesting that any of us has told some whopper of a story. I think it is the exact opposite. In my case the safety and anonymous nature of a blog has allowed me to be more open with you guys than I am in real life. I am a secret keeper. I grew up in a family where you didn’t speak unless spoken to and only if you had something valuable to add to the conversation. (Not my Fathers rule) So I turned to writing to be heard even if it was only me listening.

When looking at a lie you see damage. Even if the truth has not been discovered, the destructive actions of the lie is at work in whatever relationship it has been dropped. The emotional damage has begun and the lie is out there eating away at trust, causing suspicion and growing because that is what lies do. They are a living thing; lies grow and reach and strangle relationships.

I think the most damaging component of a lie is that we are also lying to ourselves. We are lying to ourselves first! The lie is being told to cover some hurt or aspect of  ourselves that makes us feel less than. We don’t know how to fix it, so the lie is told and somehow that makes us feel whole for a while.

Then the lie is discovered and everything comes crashing down and all that is left is to gather up the pieces and hope that you can rebuild. Hopefully this time it is from a place of healing so that wounds don’t need to be covered with a bandage of lies.

Have a wonderful day my friends ❤

Blessed Be