The Big Question

by elementhealing

Hello again my friends. I am glad to see you!

I follow the blog of a young man named David Snape. He shares blogs that he finds interesting and hosts guest blogs. He also posts thought-provoking questions that he calls The Big Question on his blog and then reads many of the replies on his radio show. If you have never checked his blog out you can should it’s pretty cool.

A few weeks ago he posted his final question for the year asking what people were planning for the holiday and also what Christmas meant to them. You can find that post here. I thought I would share an expanded version of my reply to his question.

Christmas for me doesn’t hold the traditional frenzied activities most people experience. I don’t decorate, I don’t kill a tree or put up a fake one. I don’t send out cards with pictures and a long letter telling people about my families adventures during the year to people I rarely see or communicate with any other time of the year. There is a small amount of gift giving between family members and friends; a very small amount.

I find that Christmas is a time of such fake love and devotion. I do acknowledge that there are people truly devoted to God and family, but after 20 years in retail I have learned that a vast number of people associate love and time with things and the amount of money spent on those things.

People are so busy. They pack activities into their days instead of packing life and love into them. Little time is spent communicating and connecting with children, family and friends so to make up for it ridiculous amounts of money are spent on things that in reality aren’t a replacement for presence in someone’s life.

I am devoted to my family and friends everyday of the year. I don’t require a holiday to buy a gift. If I am shopping and see something a member of my family or a friend would love I buy it for them, just because. I find it offensive that for weeks and weeks every year we are inundated with advertisements to buy things “because you love her or you love him” I don’t want or need a $50.00 lambswool scarf to show that someone loves me. Give me a hug, tell me, talk to me and spend time with me! If I want or need that scarf I will buy it for myself. Things don’t make up for an absence of time spent nurturing a relationship.

I find it a bit sad that on Christmas churches are overflowing with people celebrating their faith but where is that devotion every other sabbath day? I am devoted to my Godhead everyday of the year not just on Christmas. I don’t need a holiday to celebrate my Godhead or prove my devotion.

I don’t follow conventional religion. To me it’s nothing but a web of lies and half-truths but I do however except that everyone is allowed to worship in a way that speaks to them. If that is within a conventional religion I will honor that and defend your right to follow your faith the way you want… However many days of the year you choose to attend your services.

So, for me Christmas is just another day to cherish the people I love. They will come to my home and we will share a meal, Mexican this year 🙂 , we will spend the afternoon enjoying time together talking, laughing and telling stories and loving each other. Sounds perfect!

Have a wonderful day 🙂

Blessed Be ❤