Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

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Seven of Air

As we grow we work very hard to overcome negative thought patterns and behaviors that don’t serve our highest good. Today’s card is a reminder of just how easily these thoughts and behaviors can creep back into our lives if we are not aware of old triggers. Seeing a coworker or a class mate do well on a project suddenly makes you feel inadequate. A neighbor moves to a better part of town and you feel less than instead of being happy for your neighbor. Wanting to begin a new project but your afraid you aren’t good enough.

Negative thought patterns are sometimes thoughts and behaviors we grow up witnessing in our parents and other family members. We become what we live but that doesn’t mean we are doomed to negativity. Understanding the triggers that cause us to fall into old patterns is the very thing that allows us to avoid them.

If we come into a situation that triggers an old behavior be aware of it and know that the thought or behavior is not who you are anymore and that you are more than capable of whatever you want to do. But, if in that moment a solution is not available don’t dwell on it, do nothing until you can give it the clear headed thought the situation requires. Allowing ourselves to steep in negativity will only bring us more of it and that is not a place we want to return to. We have worked to hard to move out of that neighborhood!