Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

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Help ~ Practice ~ Achievement

When I saw my brother this morning he was doing a reading for a client and I told him I had to get my Daily Draw done. He asked if he could do one for us today.  🙂   I of course said sure, that would be cool. He had me choose a card and I pulled one and a second came along, they wanted to be together  ❤   He pulled the third and said that one belonged in the group. So here is the draw from my brother!


Sometimes we are not sure what our next move should be. When this happens we should gather information on the options available. Never make a decision from a place of fear. We must remember that we are not alone. We should not be afraid to ask for guidance from our angels or trusted friends and family members.


When the course of action has been decided practice is what’s needed. Never be discouraged because nobody becomes a master overnight. Keep at it!


We will achieve our goals, but we must be sure of what we want and why. Our focus must be consistent as to what we want to achieve. Have a goal, a solid plan, keep believing and keep working.