Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Vision Quest ~ Father of Fire

Today we have two previous cards coming back for a visit, the Vision Quest and the Father of Fire. Combined they give a strong message that as we approach the end of this year and the beginning of brand new one, it is time to get moving!

As you remember the vision quest asks us to take a deep look at our inner selves, our values and our belief systems. Take a look at them from a new perspective and see if they still fit who we are becoming. If not then it is time to get rid of the old baggage to make room for the people we transforming ourselves into. This card also asks us to take a look at our path and ask. Where are we on our path? What do we need to do next? Is this the correct path? Once we have taken our Vision Quest the Father of Fire steps in.

The Father of Fire tells us to take that new refreshed vision and follow it! Stay true to who we are and true to our heart but Go. Take the risk. Life is always a risk but it is one worth taking! We have the talent to achieve our dreams and inspire others to go after theirs. Look for new ways and new opportunities to use our skills. So we should go ahead on our path, have an adventure and enjoy the journey but stay true to who you are.