Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

tarot reading

Determination ~ Practice ~ Friendship

After I got up and came to my office area in the house this morning I discovered that my brother did a draw for us again. šŸ™‚ That was unexpected. Here it is:

Life isn’t always easy, we know that. Reaching a goal takes determination. We must have a solid plan and a willingness to keep working at it no matter what. Sometimes we are the only ones that believe in our dream and that makes it more difficult, but we must keep at it and never give up.

This card came up the other day. We can’t get discouraged if we fail. Failure simply narrows the field of possibilities when we pick ourselves up to try again. The lightbulb didn’t happen the first time around and Mr. Heinz failed at his formula 56 times before he found one he liked! We can keep at it too.

This card tells us to not be afraid to open up to people who are interested in what we do. Networking is an important part of building a brand and a business. Every connection is a possible customer, word of mouth advertisement, maybe an investor, a source of product for what we do and best of all even a new friend. šŸ™‚