Life Is Not A Game Of Perfect

by elementhealing

I loved this post and had to share.

Dream Big, Dream Often

There was a popular golf book written back in the 1980’s called “Golf Is Not A Game Of Perfect” by Dr. Bob Rotella.   It dealt with the concept that golf is not about making your way around the golf 935617course hitting perfect shot after perfect shot, but more about how you deal with shots that don’t turn out exactly as you had planned.  The author’s premise discusses how the success of the golfer would be defined by how the golfer dealt with adversity and failure.  I always thought the title was very clever and as I get older I realize how my successes in golf are the road map for my success in the real world.

You see life isn’t about getting it perfect; nor is life about getting it right or wrong.

Often times we worry about whether a job offer is the right one for us or…

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