15 Simple Blogging Tips

by elementhealing

This is a very good read,some excellent blogging tips here.

Dream Big, Dream Often


Here are a few tips I offer to some of my fellow bloggers. Most of these I mention because I have noticed a lot of “mistakes” on pages during my morning networking session.

15 simple blogging tips:

  1. Use spellcheck.  Also, proofread your writing before hitting send.
  2. Keep posts to between 400-1200 words max if you post often.  If you post less frequently, then aim for 2,000 words or so.  I know Google gives more validity to posts that are longer, but your readers will get tired of reading extremely long, frequent posts.  That is unless they are incredibly helpful or super interesting.
  3. Post consistently throughout the day: 5-10 posts
  4. Don’t try to out think the room.  Meaning stop stringing complicated themes together with even more complicated words. Keep your writing style simple and don’t try to impress.
  5. Use spellcheck.  But Danny you already said that.  Yes I did.
  6. Do not use…

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