15 Life Facts You Need to Accept Immediately

by elementhealing

This is an excellent read and worth a share!

Dream Big, Dream Often

I am always trying to come up with new and creative ways to keep me striving and motivated to drive the Dream Big brand to greater heights.  So I have declared 2016 My Year of Growth and if you have read my blog posts from December you know I have invited you to do the same.

I am a proponent of speaking my goals out loud on a daily basis and using my subconscious mind to take a vision and turn it into a tangible thing.  I learned this tactic from Napoleon Hilland his belief system on engaging the subconscious mind.  AND it works!

So for 2016 I am committing myself to the mindset that every and all Dreams I have will come to fruition.

I plan to accomplish this by dedicating myself more than ever to my list of Habits of Successful Living, visualizing exactly what it…

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