Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

daily draw 010916

Authority ~ Comfort ~ Pursue 

Today’s Daily Draw comes to us from my Brother John, so thank you:) and here it is. Enjoy!

Authority: This is your life, right here right now. Every moment we live is under our control. here are of course things we need to do that we don’t necessarily want to do. But, today if you see something in your life that needs to change. You have the Authority, so set the change in motion!

Comfort: This card is encouraging us to take some me time. Take a break, a whole body rest that involves resting your body, mind and spirit. It’s been a busy few weeks. We deserve it!

Pursue: If you have had a dream tucked away in the back of your head that you have always said Someday I’m Going To Do That. Well this is that someday! We are in a brand new year, this is the perfect time to get that dream out, dust it off and take another look. Don’t just think about it. make a plan and go for it!