Stains on Paper

by elementhealing

Stains on paper

Welcome back 🙂 the coffee is hot so help yourself. Today I am sharing a poem.

I love writing poetry. Words have such power so you have to pay attention to cadence, rhyme if you are using it and the flow. I also love how reading and commenting to fellow bloggers posts can spark an idea within us. That happened to me a few weeks ago in December and a poem was the result. Jason from Harsh Reality posted a beautiful piece that he had written called “Write for me” so I did as my comment. If you have never visited his blog I invite you to. It’s worth checking out!

Stains On Paper
Words spill out onto paper
creating images
from me to you.
Can a line or a swirl speak?
Will a question mark
or a period tell you
what’s in my heart?
however neatly drawn
are just stains on paper
if the images I draw
do not reach your heart.

Sharon 12032015