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I alway’s enjoy Richards posts. This is a good read and good advice!

Energize Your Thoughts

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Don’t hold back on you passion. You may be on your journey for a long, long time now and haven’t seen the fruit of your labor. No matter how far you feel away from what you desire, keep believing you are going to achieve it.

No matter how you want to look at it, the journey has its purpose but don’t allow the delay to cause you to hold back on your passion.

Let’s move boldly forward into what you are deeply passionate about and besides, to distance yourself from the past that you don’t feel good about you have to do something every day towards what you desire for yourself.

If the people you have started the journey with decided not to continue, that doesn’t you should forfeit. Those who harmonize with your passion will eventually come along, but you will have to keep on…

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