The No Mirror Challenge

by elementhealing


Hello everyone!

I was talking to Lisa from kidscrumbsandcrackers about one of her posts called Mirror, mirror, on the wall. It is a very clever post, you can find it here. I invite you to read it, you will enjoy the post! Through the course of the conversation I suggested a No Mirror challenge. Lisa replied that it would be a cool idea.

Everyone who agrees to participate goes from today till next week Tuesday evening without looking in a mirror. The challenge is to see what kind of change it makes within each of us. Will it give us a better personal opinion of ourselves to not look in a mirror? I think it might because a mirror just reveals the outer us not who we really are.

So, if you are up for a challenge, let us know in the comments, write a post next Tuesday and tell everyone about your week. Use the tag Mirror as one of Β your post tags so everyone can find it and read about your week.

Can you do it? A whole week! I can πŸ™‚