An Ordinary Teapot

by elementhealing

Tea pot

Hello Everyone 🙂 Welcome, I am so happy you are here.

Isn’t it interesting how ordinary things can mean so much? The monetary value is irrelevant because it’s the emotional value of the item that matters. It could be something easily replaced with a new or better item but those would not hold the same value as the old, ordinary thing.

I love having things around me that have been handed down through the family. Being surrounded by the energy of my family within the furniture, the dishes and other things scattered around my home is priceless to me. Everything is made of energy. Because of this I believe that places and things can hold the memories and those memories radiate out into our surroundings. I love that!

One of the things I have is a teapot. On the surface it’s just an ordinary teapot. There is nothing elaborate about it. There is no maker mark on the bottom indicating who made it or when. What makes it special to me is that five generations ago it was stuffed into a bag, survived an ocean voyage then a trip halfway across America where it’s owners, my ancestors, began a new life here in Wisconsin. I am the sixth generation of my family to use this teapot. When I hold it I can feel the energy of those before me.

Another thing I love using is my Grandmothers kettles.                     IMG_3962

I love making a big kettle of soup or homemade mac-n-cheese knowing my Grandmother did the same thing in the kettle. That is pretty cool!

I love having Sunday Family Brunch around the old dining table that my Grandparents used. To have the people who mean the most to me around the table once a week means the world to me. We sit there for a couple of hours sharing a meal, stories about memories, our week and love.

It is the ordinary everyday things that mean the most. Do you have something ordinary that means the world to you?

Have a fabulous day 🙂

Blessed Be ❤