Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

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Knight of Wands

Hi, everyone!  Who’s relieved that Mercury is finally out of retrograde? I certainly am! Today’s reading reflects that as well. We have the Knight of Wands from the Medieval Cats Tarot, the rune Wunjo, and Ocean Jasper. This feline knight holds his flaming wand high and he’s ready to charge ahead!  A cat of action, if you will.  He’s really eager to get going with projects and putting his ideas into motion, but watch out there, little guy.  Don’t rush into things too fast– be careful of those flaming wands in front of you!  Why don’t you take your time, go slowly and deliberately, and smell those lovely flowers at your feet while you’re at it? Just because Mercury Retrograde is over, it doesn’t mean we should leap out of the starting gate and take off running. The rune Wunjo is reminding us to enjoy life, to follow our bliss. How can we do that if we’re rushing through things just because we can? Ocean Jasper is a great crystal to compliment this sentiment, and it just fell out of the basket during my reading!  Ocean Jasper encourages joy, optimism, and high spirits!  And it wanted to help relay today’s message, apparently!  So, take your time, don’t rush into or through things, and enjoy yourself and your loved ones today!  Oh, and hooray for Mercury Direct!

Today’s draw is brought to us by Rose from Loki’s Little Hippie Witch. Check out her blog and feel free to contact her if you would like a personal reading.