Turn Me Loose

by elementhealing

Sunrise over Milwaukee

A few months ago I wrote a post about how my Guardian Angel and Spirit Guides speak to me. That post is here . It’s always with a song. They had been singing lines from a song to me for a couple of weeks but I wasn’t remembering when I was awake.

I am always aware that they are singing to me while I sleep, sometimes I will even sing the song in my sleep. Normally though my first conscious thought when I wake up is the song. I work out the message and I get to it. This time has been different. I was only hearing the message while I slept. During the day I was aware that I needed to know or do something, but I couldn’t remember :/ It was making me a bit crazy.

I was talking to Dexter about it yesterday, explaining how frustrating it was knowing I needed to remember something but I didn’t know what. After we were done talking I got my coffee, came back to my computer and the lines came to me 😀

I was born to run
I was born to dream

Why don’t you turn me loose
Turn me loose
Turn me loose
I gotta do it my way
I wanna fly

I enjoy a wide variety of music but I had no idea what the name of this song was or who performed it. So I went to YouTube. 🙂 I would have never guessed that it was a Lover Boy song called Turn Me Loose. Lover boy was an 80’s band btw. This is a band I never followed I am certain I’ve heard this song on the radio thousands of time but never knew it was Lover Boy. After finding the song I discovered that there are more lines in the first stanza but I didn’t hear them so it’s not part of the message.

So what is the message? I believe this is a two-part thing that speaks to making my dreams a reality. The first two lines are me. I need to dream the dreams and do those things within my ability but after I tell my Guardian and Spirit Guides what I need I have to let go of the how it’s going to happen and let them do their work.

Logically I know that once a prayer is sent out to the universe it is up to the Godhead and Angels to work out the details. In practice I am a Taurus Sun and a Taurus Moon, letting go of control is not always easy for me. I also know that a need to keep control fear. The What Ifs can stop you in your tracks and they have more than once for me, perhaps for you as well.

The words we speak and the thoughts we focus on become the reality that is our life. If I am so worried about how the dream is going to manifest then my energy and focus is not being spent on the reality I want! Instead, it is focused on the details that are not mine to work out. I don’t have to know the how. It is not my job. My job is to tell my Guides what I need, to put it out into the universe. The details of how the universe is ging to work it out to my highest good in not my problem. I simply have to believe.

Last year was a huge leap of faith for me, I began several projects. This year I am going to break through fear and see them thrive.I will do what I can and need to do and leave the detail to my Guardian, my Spirit Guides and the Archangels that are with me. I am Turning Them Loose!

Here is the video I found on YouTube, enjoy 🙂

Have a Fabulous Week 🙂

Blessed Be ❤