The Family Secret

by elementhealing


Last week I posted this picture that captured some of my guides photo bombing a shot I was trying to get of the street light and I mentioned that I would have to tell you about my family sometime. I had two comments asking about my family and I responded that I might do a post this week, yesterday actually, telling you.

I have to say I have been putting off writing this post and finding distractions to take me away from my computer and this page. Not because I am ashamed of what I am. I’m not, honestly I don’t care who knows, the world is a different place than it was for my ancestors. For me it is an intensely personal and spiritual thing and I have always been a very private person. The anonymity of this blog has given me the freedom to be more open than I am in real life. The fact that I told you my name is a huge thing for me.

Only people I trust know about my family and that isn’t many people, I have mentioned my trust issues! The funny thing is there are people in the family that don’t know the family secret and that is something I need to consider as I don’t know how many read my blog. This would be a horrible way to find out who you are. My sister never told her children. I couldn’t tell you why, my son grew up knowing.

Those of you paying attention to my posts over the last year may have already figured it out. I might have even told a couple of my lovely followers. I can think of two that may already know my family secret. 

I looked through older posts to see if I have talked about this before but didn’t find anything. I accept that by putting this out in the open I may lose followers but I’m fine with that. Fear and lack of knowledge closes minds and hearts. I suppose I have rambled on long enough. I should just get to it.

I am a Witch, born into a family of Witches. This comes from my Father’s side of the family, and his Father’s as well. My Grandfather decided that he didn’t want his children raised as Witches, so my Father and Aunt’s were raised outside the family tradition and didn’t learn what being a Witch was. They heard the gossip of course but as children they didn’t know what it meant and put it out of their minds and their gifts were never nurtured.

My Father told my Brother, Sister and myself individually when we were teenagers and what a light bulb moment that was. So many things fell into place. It explained why each of us was drawn to the old ways and it also explained our abilities. He knew nothing of observing Sabbats, ritual or spell work but what he did teach us was just as valuable. Dad taught us to respect all life, nature and to hear plants and animals communicate. He gave us his Never Lessons. These are all things we cherish. The three of us were on our own to learn what our heritage was and what it meant to us. It was only in the last year or so that we found out some of our cousins know about the family secret. Of those that know only one is practicing.

I don’t necessarily consider myself Wiccan. Not all Wiccans are Witches, not all Witches are natural-born Witches. Some come to it by choice because of a desire to live a simpler more meaningful life in tune with nature. Not everyone with a psychic gift is a Witch. I have a theory about Magick and psychic ability but that is for another post.

Historically Witches are thought to be only women, but there are male witches and they are not called Warlocks. A Warlock is any Witch that practices dark Magick for the purpose of doing harm, someone who doesn’t follow the Rede. Yes there are rules to being a Witch! Just like there are good people and bad people there are good and bad Witches.

There are a lot more of us out there than you think. We don’t have green skin and warts on our noses. We look normal just like everyone else, we are just more tuned in than most people and we practice our faith differently. You don’t have to be afraid of us. We won’t hurt you. I won’t hurt you. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. I would be happy to answer them.

Have a wonderful day 🙂

Blessed Be ❤