One and 11 to Go

by elementhealing


So, how was January? The nine-year combined with Mercury Retrograde this month kicked some people pretty hard. I hope both you and your resolutions fared well. Are you still working on them or have they fallen by the wayside? I made the decision to not make resolutions, instead I made goals. I wrote a post about it a few weeks ago you can read that post here if you like.

Resolutions, to me, are something doomed to failure no matter how genuine the initial intention. Partly, I believe, because the word is very hard, very final and unforgiving. Also because we, whether consciously or not, expect to be successful in just a couple of weeks. That isn’t happening, unless you have dedication beyond anything I’ve ever witnessed. Real, permanent change takes time and commitment.

My success is about 50/50 for January. I made progress on several of my goals but a couple have not been as productive. I am not beating myself up about it though. As I said, change takes time. I am not giving up. I am going to re-evaluate my goals and decide what is most important to me, make a new plan and keep going. I still have 11 more months to work at it and make the goals reality! I am not giving up on myself or my dreams.

I think that since this is a year of endings a few things need to go like self-doubt, waiting, my dreams not being a top priority. Yeah, anything holding me back has to go!