Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Defeat and Boredom ~ Temptation ~ New Beginnings

As I was shuffling the cards for today’s draw these three popped out; clearly this is what we need to know.

Today you could be on edge because things aren’t going as smoothly as you might want or in the direction you want them to. Understand that a door is closing, don’t force it to stay open and don’t be tempted to pass through this door. It will only lead you away from where you need to be. Possibly even away from who you want to be.

This is a year of great change, endings, and yes change can be scary. Don’t fear it because this means growth. So accept that change is going to happen and embrace it. It will be a good thing. There is a new beginning waiting for you. Perhaps right in front of you, it has a tendency to show up when we aren’t expecting it and in ways we aren’t looking for.

Remember that energy follows focus. Keep your focus on those things you want not on what you don’t and you will have your new beginning. Use today to focus on where you want to go and work on a plan to get there. Make a new one if you need to!

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