Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

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The Sun

Happy Imbolc, Candlemas, Groundhog Day, whatever you’d like to call it!  We’re halfway to Spring now and on the home stretch to warmer weather!  Today’s reading is The Sun, the rune Jera, and Moss Agate. As the Beatles sang, here comes the Sun. Our days are beginning to lengthen out now and winter’s days are numbered. If you’re one of those folks that enjoys the cold and snow, enjoy it while it lasts. But if you’re like me and Spring’s flowers, sunshine, and rain showers (and lots of sneezing) appeal to you, good news– Spring will be here before we know it, no matter what that cute little groundhog says. Today is the day to start planning out your garden and thinking about which seeds you intend to plant in the Spring. Ask yourself, “What dreams and goals do I want to manifest this year?”  Then make it happen! The Sun gives warmth and good energy to help you stay optimistic and enthusiastic! The rune Jera is all about cycles: planting, growth, and harvest. Right now, we’re getting the ground ready to plant our little seeds after a cold winter. Moss Agate nurtures growth, fertility, and self-confidence. So, know that Spring, warmth, and good times are just around the corner. The ice is beginning to melt, the Sun is returning, and Nature is waking up! Hooray for Almost-Spring!  Have a beautiful day, everyone! 

Today’s reading is brought to us Rose from Loki’s Little Hippie Witch. I invite you to check out her blog and feel free to contact her if you would like a personal reading.