Wednesday Shout Out

by elementhealing

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Shout Out to Frankie MacDonald

I found the most amazing man on YouTube that is one of the best examples of manifesting a dream I have ever seen. His name is Frankie MacDonald. He is from Nova Scotia and he does weather videos. Frankie studies the weather models, tracks what is going on and where. When he finds something that he feels people need to prepare for he does a video and puts it on his YouTube channel. He has had millions of hits. I can understand why, he is so passionate about making sure people are prepared and safe. I love this guy!

I did a little research on him and discovered that he is 31 and lives in Sydney, Nova Scotia. He wanted to be a weatherman when he was young and it was a dream he never gave up on. He did his first weather video when he was 25 and in the six years since he has gained a lot of fame. He has a YouTube channel, Facebook and a Twitter page. Each has tens of thousands of followers.

He has gained international recognition for his forecasts. They have been featured on the Nova Scotia radio network, Buzz Feed  and Tosh.0. In 2013 CBS recognized him for being one of the top ranking news stories and last year he was recognized by the Canadian House of Commons.

What I like about Frankie is that he very passionate, he absolutely believed in his dream of being a weatherman and never gave up. He isn’t just a weatherman, he is a weatherman to the world!

In one of the videos I watched he talked about wanting to have Bobble Heads that he would offer for sale. I did a little more digging and discovered he has merchandise! Clothing, Bobble Heads, an Action figure coming out and even a pillow with his picture on it! I am getting myself one of the T Shirts, they are so cool. It says “Frankie Says be Prepared” on it.

Frankie absolutely manifested his life to be what he wanted it to be. He had a dream, believed it and made his dream a reality! He didn’t wait, he didn’t question his ability to succeed. He worked with what he had, went out and made it happen for himself. He is amazing, I am in awe of him. I would love to sit down and talk with Frankie sometime. Nova Scotia isn’t that far away from Wisconsin!

We have a snowstorm blowing through here tonight that is supposed to dump on us pretty good. Fortunately being in the southern part of the state we won’t get much, if anything, but Frankie did a weather video for us and I will leave you with it. Have a great day and never give up on your dream!