Three Day Quote Challenge

by elementhealing

I was nominated for the three-day quote challenge by Juana from Bringing Back the Rubies I always enjoy this challenge, Thank you for the nomination Juana.

You all know the rules, well most of you should:

  • Post a quote everyday for three days
  • Invite three people to participate everyday.
  • With this one there was an added bit that asks for an explanation as                                                                                           to what the quote means to you.

OK onward to my quote

What Can You Learn From A Tree
If you want to be happy, be.
Leo Tolstoy

I like this quote because of its simplicity. So many people think happiness is difficult to achieve. Happiness isn’t wrapped up in things, it is within you. You simply have to choose happiness.

This is the part I do not enjoy. How does one choose three people to nominate? You cheat! So anyone that feels like spreading the love, feel free!! Consider yourself nominated.