New Thought ~ Ralph Waldo Trine

by elementhealing

I was looking through some of my older posts and thought I would pass this one along again. If you have never read Trine I invite you to find a copy and read “The Greatest Thing Ever Known”. It will change your life!


Welcome back. I am glad you are here!

Before the New Age Movement of the 1970″s there was the New Thought Movement of the 18th and 19th century. This movement taught that there is an Infinite Intelligence and that this intelligence is God, whatever you call your God. They believed that God is everywhere and that we are a part of the God energy. So being a part of God we are divine and have the same divinity that Jesus has.

The group itself was loosely formed and eventually a couple of religions formed from it, but as a group there were a set of common beliefs in metaphysics, the power of positive thought, the law of attraction, creative visualization, the life force.

There were several authors who wrote about subjects related to the movement but the one I am going to tell you about today is:



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