My Favorites: Crystals (pt. 1)

by elementhealing

I decided that Tuesday is gong to be a recycle old post day. So welcome to Recycle Tuesday! Shortly after starting my blog I did a series of posts about my favorite crystals. This was the first in that series. I hope you enjoy it.


In my previous post I spoke about energy, that everything is energy. We are energy beings (Spirit) living a physical existence. Because everything has been created by the Godhead; everything is interdependent. We need the energy of the plants, the animals, the rocks and crystals, water and air to live our lives to the highest level just as they need our energy to live theirs.

All crystals and gemstones have properties that heal and enhance our lives. Before I begin I must first say that I am not a doctor and I am in no way telling you to stop going to your chosen medical practitioner for any health issues. Yes I believe in and use the healing properties of crystals but from a legal standpoint I can not diagnose illness nor can I prescribe a solution to an illness. I can tell you about healing experiences I have had…

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