Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Underworld ~ Six of Disks (R) ~ Seven of Cups

Today’s draw is telling us to take a look at our progress, we could be missing out on opportunities that we are looking and working toward. We need to take a look within. Do we have unspoken fears or experiences that we are refusing to deal with? Are we subconsciously telling ourselves that we can’t do what we desire, that we aren’t good enough or talented enough.
It’s time to stop punishing ourselves. Negative self talk can be a dream killer, but it also can be overcome. We need to take off the rose-colored glasses of the illusion that we are working toward our goal. Yes it will be difficult sometimes and scary, change can be scary. There are many opportunities around us. that can take us where we want to be. It is time to face our fears, make a plan and get going. We’re worth the risk! Have a wonderful day.

Today’s guest reading comes to us from my brother BJ, thank you! 
If you are interested in a personal reading, contact me and I will put you in touch with him.