My Favorites (pt. 2)

by elementhealing

Welcome back to Recycle Tuesday and a look at My Favorites: Crystals (pt. 2)


This week I am continuing the review of My Favorites: Crystals (pt. 1)  I am adding another Quartz and two Gemstones. Lets get started!

Carnelian, Aventurine, Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz another member of the large and busy Quartz family is most often a pale pink. This crystals energy is all about love and acceptance. It will help you love and accept yourself for who you are; to let go of the negative self images and emotions that we often carry with us. In letting go of these unhealthy images and emotions we give ourselves permission to love. When we can fully love ourselves we can love our families and others unconditionally as well. Keep a piece of Rose Quartz in your family room or wherever you spend time with those you love, to help love and forgiveness grow. Rose Quartz is a good crystal to help issues of the heart and circulatory system.

Carnelian is a…

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