by elementhealing

Picture is from the Bhagavad Gita

I had a little bit of a meltdown last week and wrote a post about Missing Home and possibly quitting this blog. In the post I mentioned that this lifetime is more difficult for me than the previous eight that I have had here. This triggered a conversation with several lovely bloggers about reincarnation and I said I would write a post about it.

Before I start I must say that this is just my opinion drawn from my experiences.

I grew up Catholic and as such did not believe that reincarnation was real because the church doesn’t want people to know that we are eternal as our creator is eternal. I grew beyond the lies of conventional religion and began a search for the truth when I was a teenager. Even though the church was teaching me that reincarnation was not real I could remember living before, just as my Father could.

We are not physical beings. We are energy beings living a physical existence only because the Universe was created as a physical place for us to learn and grow in order to be more like our creator. It is necessary that we learn these lessons but it takes a lot of time. Eventually we will grow to be the spiritual beings we are meant to be, we will then no longer need these low energy 3D bodies and we can go back to our 4D and 5D selves.

Everyone alive today has lived before, multiple times. The cool thing is each lifetime may not have been here on Earth. There are so many places and planes and times out there to spend a lifetime in. Some people become attached to a particular place and choose to only incarnate there, like Earth.

When we decide to come back there are many decisions that must be made and details that need to work out like:

  • Deciding what lessons we want to learn.
  • What karma we are going to generate or clear.
  • Who our family and friends are going to be and arrange the triggers.
  • Whether we are going to be male or female.
  • Where and how we are going to live in order to best learn your lessons.

For me, this is my ninth time coming to Earth, but the Earth is not my first incarnation. I was asked how I know that for a fact. I know because I remember bits of each lifetime here, and my death on a planet that was not Earth. I asked my guides for clarification and they confirmed it for me. When I was a child I thought that these memories were just stories that I was making up, but when I was old enough to start questioning I learned they were memories of previous versions of me.

We aren’t meant to be consciously aware of our past selves. When we come to a lifetime we pass through what I describe as a wall of forgetfulness that buries those lifetimes deep within our memories. They are always with us though because they make us who we are. Everything we’ve learned in those lifetimes is available to us if we need it. We come to each lifetime with certain skills turned on in order to make learning our lessons possible.

When we come back we are generally born into the same family line as before. We usually have one or two that we switch back and forth to. This is why we have relatives that we look like. We look like them because we were them! When I come back I always incarnate into either my current Mother or Fathers family. This time those families have merged and I am a member of both families at the same time. I find that very interesting.

When our lifetime is complete and we go back home we have a debriefing with our Guardian Angel, Spirit Guides and our Teachers to discuss how the lifetime went. We talk about the lessons we were to learn and whether we need to keep working on it or if we fully understand. We discuss the karma and whether we took care of it. The final part of our debriefing is to decide if we are coming back right away, or waiting for a while.

I hope you found my experience with reincarnation interesting. If you have any experiences or questions to share feel free to leave them below 🙂

Have a fantastic day!  Blessed Be ❤