One More Time

by elementhealing


I had a couple of questions from yesterday’s post Reincarnation that I thought I would try to give a little more detail to, I thought I might share a couple of my memories from previous versions of me and the lessons learned from that lifetime. Remember that these are my experiences based on my memories. I am not a past life researcher. It’s just me and my memories.

Reincarnation can be a difficult idea for some people to understand. Many of the people we encounter here are people we know from home. Who else but a good friend would choose to put themselves on the line for us. The creep at work that is always making you crazy is there because he agreed to be so you can learn a lesson of patience or tolerance. The person at the market that gave you the extra couple dollars to pay for your food is a friend helping you learn gratitude and generosity.

There is no such thing as random or accidental. The events of our lives are for a purpose and that purpose is to move us closer to our ascension point. We have the people, places and things all lined up and ready to go before we get here. The events we set up for ourselves will happen but free will is always in play, how we react to the events is our choice. We can choose learn the lesson or not.

When we come to a lifetime we can go to any place and time period we choose. In any order you choose. If you have a pull to a certain time or place then chances are you have spent a lifetime there. My sister has been drawn to Tombstone for as long as I can remember. A few years ago she had the opportunity to visit the city with a friend and she said it was like going home. She has knowledge about the city that nobody would know unless they had lived there back in the day.

In my current lifetime I am a very creative and spiritual person. I write, draw, paint, design and make jewelry. I also have a deep love of architecture. I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I have been my own relative. I had a reader ask about this so I will give you an example. I am writing a history of my father’s family. Documentation traces my family back to 1585 when Michael was born. Michael was married to an unknown woman and together they had three children. One of them was me, my name was Peter and I was born in 1612. I was the second born to my father. My Brother Jerg is the direct line to the me I am now. I also had a sister Magdalena. The question could rightly be asked, How do I know this. I have memories of living in the Baden area. Of working in an office designing buildings. I was an architect in that lifetime. In order to confirm my memory I asked my guides and they did say that yes I was Peter.

I have had a lifetime in the southwest as a member of the Hopi Tribe. I was the medicine woman. This lifetime gave me the desire to help people heal, it began my journey with crystals and opened my spirituality. I have had two lifetimes in Ireland and this is my second in the town I am currently living in.

I want to tell you about an off Earth lifetime. I lived on a planet similar to Earth but the plant life was not green it was yellow. In this lifetime I was a member of a community where magick and psychic ability was accepted and used widely. This memory is of the day of my death. On this day a member of our community was taken captive by another community that believed that magick and psy ability was evil. They were a poorly managed community and needed supplies. They thought that capturing a member of our group would get them the supplies they wanted. Well it didn’t work that way.

We used our abilities to set our friend free and this made them very mad and they came to attack us. Before they reached our village we gathered everyone to a gazebo type building. With everyone inside myself and one other person walked the exterior of the building and placed a shield around us that would not allow the attackers to see us. What they would see was an empty gazebo. All we needed to do was remain inside and quiet.

When the men were ransacking our village the woman taken captive was very scared and we had a hard time keeping her quiet. She kept saying that we should bargain with them. We didn’t need to, as long as we were quiet they would take what they wanted and go away. We had no weapons because we didn’t need them. Well she bolted, fear makes people do stupid things. The moment she crossed the boundary of the shield it collapsed and everyone in the community was now in danger.

Those of us with the magical strength to fight set about doing it, we formed a line in front of the young and fought off the group. Most of them ran but one guy didn’t. He charged us fighting off our attempts to force him away. He was carrying a club of some sort and hit me on the left side of my head, killing me instantly. In this lifetime my head tilts to the right. This lifetime is where I picked up trust issues! I hope you enjoyed my reincarnation posts. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Have a wonderful day. 🙂 Blessed Be ❤