by elementhealing

We have a bonus today 🙂 Rose got tied up and was not able to get her guest reading to me in time to post. She did get it to me and it is excellent, of course, so I wanted to share it with all you lovely people. It ties in a with my reading that a change in the way we think can change everything!

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Are we still using old and outdated ways of thinking and perceiving our world? Perhaps it’s time to let those old modes go.Yes, that’s easier said than done. But sometimes all it takes is just a simple change in attitude to make life look better. Instead of reacting to others with impatience or frustration, try using a little compassion. One small change, one tiny little adjustment in your vision is all it takes to get going. Like the “Little Engine That Could,” start that uphill climb slowly and build up steam. Once you realize how easy it is to see things in a different light, it’s all downhill…  Before you know it, you’ll be able to look back and see how far you’ve come. But it starts with tossing out those old, not-useful-anymore ways of being. Whatever doesn’t serve your highest good, cut it loose. Something new and better for you will take its place.

Rose writes the Loki’s Little Hippie Witch blog. I hope you will check it out.