Chaos; What Exactly Is It?

by elementhealing

Here is one from March of last year. I hope you enjoy it.


Chaos, what exactly is it? Chaos, what exactly is it?

 Hello 🙂 I am glad you came back!!

I have been thinking about Chaos lately. It surrounds us everyday in our personal lives and in the world. People seem to fear Chaos. They fight it to keep the status quo, to keep everything normal. But, what is Chaos really? I can see my Mother right now rolling her eyes and hear her saying “Sharon only you would think about something like that”.  Bear with me, I think I figured this thing out and it is one of those “so obvious why didn’t we see it” things.

The dictionary defines Chaos in three ways:

  1. Complete disorder and confusion
  2. Behavior so unpredictable as to appear random
  3. The formless matter that existed before creation

I can’t speak to the “formless matter” thing. I may be old, but – not THAT old!!

OK, you ready for this? Chaos is Growing…

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