Journey to Wholeness

by elementhealing

I thought I would share one more today. This one I believe is from February of last year.


Well worn Path

Each lifetime we live is a journey along the path set before us from our beginning. It is a path to wholeness. I think this begs the question “Weren’t we whole to begin with?” It is a very reasonable question. Being made in the image of our creator, the Godhead, we are spirit beings and perfect as our creator is perfect, but does that mean we’re also whole? No. I don’t think so. How can one be whole without first knowing brokenness? This begs another question. “What is wholeness and how do we get there?

To me wholeness is being in complete union with yourself, the Godhead and everything the Godhead created. Wholeness is being healthy in body, mind and spirit. I asked a couple people what their idea of wholeness is. One answer was that being whole means being content and at peace with your life. Another person I…

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