by elementhealing

Hello everyone. I spend the day researching, now I am going to spend the next few days writing. 🙂 This post is from July of last year. Enjoy!



It’s interesting to me that people don’t have a problem believing in Angels but when it comesto Fairies that’s another story,theycan‘t be real! Why is itthat an angel is OK but a Fairie is all achilds imagination? Fairies have been created by the Godhead just as the angels have been. Angels are here to help us, guide and protect us. Fairies are here to protect the planet and the animals. Angels need to be asked before contact can be made. Fairies need to know that a human can be trusted and that they care for the environment and for animalsbefore making contact. If they are certain that you can be trusted and do care about the environment they will be more than happy to help you. When they…

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