Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Pursue ~ Friendly ~ Attempt

Trying to ignore something that is important to us never works. We put it off, tuck it away in the back of our minds because we think that the desire is out of reach and we can’t do it. But the thought never goes away. It stays there poking at us. Well today is the day to let that dream out into the light of day. What ever it is, a hobby we have been wanting to try, a trip we have always wanted to take, maybe it’s a project at work. We must listen to our intuition and get moving on it. Invite family or friends to get involved. This will make it more fun and reduce expenses. If it doesn’t work out as planned right away, learn from the attempt and keep going. We’ll get there.

Today’s guest reading comes from my Brother BJ, thank you!
If you are interested in a personal reading, let me know and 
I will put you in touch with him.