Healing The Past

by elementhealing

Hello everyone this post about healing our past is from February of last year



Because we are spirit beings we never really die. We move from lifetime to lifetime learning the lessons we need in order to grow into the people we will ultimately become. This is our creators wish for our highest good.

When we move from life to life we bring the baggage of unlearned lessons and issues of previous selves with us both good and bad. This past life baggage sits within us waiting to be healed so we can let it go.

Past life issues can be any one of many things. They can be a relationship issue that carries over, an untimely death, a persecution, a betrayal, or even an irrational fear of dogs or heights. Have you ever met someone that absolutely rubbed you the wrong way; you had never met them before but they pushed everyone of your buttons and you don’t understand why? This could very well be…

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