Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

The Hierophant – Reversed

From the moment we are born life places a set of rules and regulations on us. We grow up within this structure of expectations and quite often we act and do what is expected of us simply because it’s the way everyone else acts, thinks, and behaves. Occasionally though we long to break free and do something totally out of character to challenge the status quo, and free our trapped inner selves. Well today is one of those days and the Hierophant is here. She is reversed, telling us that this could be one of those days for us. Today is a day to ask ourselves if we are going with the flow because we want to, or because it is expected of us. Are we doing what we truly want? Are we living the life that speaks our truth and gives life to our soul? Are there changes that need to be made? If so, then know that there will be people challenging our decision, and loved ones who may be affected because of the changes we want to make.  We can’t let this stop us, but we also must consider those we love. We must make our changes accordingly.

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