Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

The Waiting Game

Good morning everyone. “The Waiting Game” card literally jumped out of the deck for us today.
Everything in the universe operates on a cycle. Time breaks down to years, months and days. Seeds must be planted and grow. Those things we want take time but, waiting can be hard. We live in an instant society and we want what we want now. We don’t want to have to wait! Know that everything is falling into place. Events have been set into motion. The trick here is to let it completely fall into place. We need to keep doing, keep moving toward our goal but not be in a rush. Work the plan. The seeds have been planted and they need time to grow.
In the past we were afraid to make a decision just for us. The past is gone and our fear is gone. If it creeps into our minds drop kick it back to the past where it belongs and don’t let it come back!
Our intuition is strong, let’s trust it and use it. We know what needs to be done so as the cycle comes around and we find ourselves at our goal, do not let it change who we are. We must stay grateful, humble, on our path and true to ourselves. Have a grand day.

Today’s draw is from Terry of the momterry blog. Thank you!
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