Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

The Devil

We have some work to do today if we are going to keep ourselves on track. The Devil card indicates there will be a lot of negative energy around us trying to keep us down. This energy is not going to have our best and highest good at the center of their thoughts. This person or group of people’s only desire is to keep us in bondage. To see us go down a wrong road they advised us to take, to see us fail and destroyed would make them happy.
We need to be very aware of the people around us and the influence they have on us. Whether at work or home. there could well be a person or persons that we thought was a friend, but in reality is not. We must protect ourselves, our energy and our goals today more than ever. We can do that by placing a bubble of white light around ourselves. If you are  not familiar with this process, it is easy. Close your eyes and envision a bubble of beautiful white lite going all around us to protect you. We can also call on our Guardian Angel and Archangel Michael to come stand by us and keep us safe from negative energy. Have a good and safe day my friends.

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