Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Two of Air – Inner Peace

We all have issues that hang on and remind us they haven’t been resolved yet. Whether personally or at work. They creep around in the shadows and pop up when we aren’t expecting it to let us know it’s still there. They test our patience, our resolve, and challenge us to grow. We can overcome these issues by going within and finding the inner peace and harmony that opens our ability to find solutions that we might not find as easily in the loud and chaotic outer world. Let the inner peace radiate out to help find peaceful solutions.

It’s time now to open the door and invite one of our troublesome situations to leave the party because it is no longer welcome. Take the opportunity to feel the freedom of letting it go! It does us no good to keep hanging on. We have found place of inner peace and it has helped us become strong enough to overcome this issue. Remember that peaceful inner place is always near and always accessible to us. Have a great day.

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