Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Knight of Wands

The Knight of Wands indicates that today we will be full of energy and ready to tackle any projects we might have. The knight is fearless, he loves a good challenge and certainly a bit of adventure, even if there is a little risk involved. But that is what makes an adventure isn’t it?

Notice the knight has lost his horse and night is closing in. While the knight is one who is quick to act and loves diving into any project, he is also one to act without making sure he has a plan. Take a lesson from our brave Knight and use our energy well. Let’s make sure we have an action plan before we get started today so we don’t lose our horse!

If we’re up for a little adventure why not do something different today. Have an impromptu dinner and a movie night with your sweetie or take a drive in the country, but take a map!

Today’s guest reading is from my brother BJ, it’s been a while. Thank you!
if you are interested in a personal reading contact me and I will put you
in contact with him.