Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Four of Earth ~ Security

Most everyone would like a big house, a nice car or two, some money in the bank and a good stable job. But when we ask ourselves what we truly need to feel safe and secure. What are the things that come to mind? Having enough money to pay the bills with some left over, to have our family and friends always near us, for things to never change. Yes the trappings of success are nice but they are just show, that is the ego being fed. True security comes from a place inside us. When we recognize what makes us insecure we are at the beginning of the growth of our security and strength.

Today we may be in a situation that will make us feel insecure. Don’t back away from it. Step out into the light and face it knowing we are safe and secure. Things change because life is always changing. By accepting that change and accepting that we have the power to accomplish whatever we focus our attention on, we will have the inner security and strength to win the day! Have a great day everyone.

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