Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Son of Air

The young warrior has mounted his horse and is riding across the prairie. He is free, his spear held high as he rides. Everyone has moments when we just want to be free from all the demands that are a constant in our everyday lives. Some of these demands are external, caused by jobs, relationships and the ever-present ticking clock. Others we place on ourselves and these are the ones we need to address today. Ridding ourselves of old thought patterns is a journey. It’s not something that we can do once and say “good job, that’s done” But, it’s a journey we must take in order to be free. We can’t allow ourselves to be weighed down by the internal demands that do not serve our highest good, nor can we live up to the expectations of others. We must liberate ourselves of the thoughts and beliefs that keep us from being our truest selves. Today we may find ourselves face to face with these thoughts and beliefs. Don’t be afraid to free yourself and do what you know in your heart is right for you. There may be some backlash to deal with of course. Explain why you have chosen your path from a place of love if you must. Then ride! Have a great day.

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