Turquoise Indian

by elementhealing

I felt like posting a piece of jewelry. This is from August of last year.


Turquoise and Moonstone

Good Morning everyone. Welcome !

I thought I would share another piece jewelry. I bought this pendant/pin combo at a yard sale when I was a child. At that yard sale I also found a belt buckle of the same design and a pair of earrings. I am not sure how old the pieces are but I bought them well over 40 years ago, let’s pretend I did not just date myself :O I still have the belt buckle and earrings but to be honest I don’t know where they are. I will have to call on my guides to help me find them. It would be nice to have the complete set all in one place.
I thought that since the focal piece can be worn as a pin or a pendant I would create a nice necklace to show it off. I used turquoise for protection and communication…

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