Forgotten Memories

by elementhealing

Good evening everyone. This is from May of last year. Enjoy! See you soon. Blessed Be ❤ Sharon



Hello again! 🙂  Welcome back!

I had a bit of a light bulb moment going to work the other day. It occurred to me that the universe, the earth, this physical plane we exist in is nothing more than a boarding school and we are all underclassmen that have forgotten this isn’t home. When we come here we forget everything about home and spend our lives searching for a connection back to a Forgotten Memory!

There are several things that we forget when we transfer in. Like what does Home look like? Well who knows, that is one of the things we forget. We also forget the people in our soul group. Some come along to help us learn the things we need to learn and we help them learn. Like a study group. But the longing remains to find our family. When we meet them our soul feels that…

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