Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


The card for us today is ” New Beginnings”.

This card came to give us a clear message that it’s time to take that next step to our New Beginning. Take that brave leap of faith. Something new is waiting for us to find it. Something amazing is brewing up inside us waiting to be set free. We have some big changes ahead and decisions to make. Don’t be alarmed its normal to feel confused or lost sometimes, but we can’t let confusion or fear make us stay in our current situation because we feel safe. Lets take that leap of faith and build our wings as we go. This is our adventure. We deserve to laugh, love, live and enjoy this ride that is our life!

 Have a great day.

Today’s guest reading comes to us from Terry of the momterry blog.
Thank you Terry! Please check out her blog and feel free to contact her of you would like a personal reading.